Engage In Game-Based Learning

We believe that the best way to learn is by doing, so what better way to understand us than by testing a game yourself?

Using serious games creates a realistic, yet safe, environment for you to explore and trial theories, methods and approaches.

Add a name and play, it's that simple. 

Game Builder

Create Your Own Games

If you know how to make an online quiz, then you are MORE than qualified to build a serious game!

With one of our game boards, you can address themes or issues like equality, implementation, onboarding, L&D... - customized to fit your purpose.

You can publish games yourself, to be tried, inspire or to use. Or you can keep them for yourself ;) 


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Join The Actee Movement

We’re in this together– we provide the tools and you provide the talent – sound good?

Create a subscription – become a partner – and enter the Actee’vist community full of inspiration, collaboration and education.

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Become a Partner

Are you a consultant interested in a partnership? Create a free subscription and become a part of our Actee’vist network!

Actee’vists can access each other’s published games here, to inspire, learn and help each other.

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Learning for Businesses

Are you a business interested in a partnership? Are you in HR, L&D or E&I…? Then your exactly where you should be!

Use game-based learning in your next digital workshops and engage the fudge out of your participants!

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Are you a university interested in a partnership? Do you have an exciting project, a relevant topic or just a general interest in what we do?

Why not reach out to us and hear how we can help each other out?

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Here you can get an answer to some of our most frequently asked questions. If you are unable to find an answer to your question, please get in touch.

You are always welcome to send us a message on the support chat that you can find by clicking on the icon with the orange speech bubbles here on the Actee.com website. 

You can also just throw us an email on info@actee.com and we will get right back to you. 

Or you can call us for any questions or inquiries on our main number +45 70707505


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Get Started With Actee

How do I access the Actee and games?


Get access by registering as a user - or simply by entering a guest name if you are provided with a session. For company use - or if you are going to run sessions:
Choose between 3 levels of annual subscriptions - or start by using a session package: "Try it Out"-package. 

With a subscription you gain access to a range of games and tools available on Actee without additional cost. All you need to get started is to register. See: How do I subscribe or register to get started?

What is a game?

An Actee game is a simulation of a leadership and/or management situation. The simulations are based on theoretical knowledge of the topics that are covered. The simulations aim to deal with common issues within the fields of change management, leadership and communication.

Tutorial - Get Started With Actee as a User, Consultant or Business


See this tutorial for a brief introduction to Actee, how to onboard it and get started with the digital learning games and tools. 

How do I get in to Actee?


You register by creating a user in a few simple steps.

Before you register, it's a good idea to check if your organization or education are already active with a customized subscription. 

If you are independent and not assigned any customized subscriptions or specific sessions, this is how you register:

1. Go to www.actee.com
2. Click the button 'Actee Login' in the top right corner
3. Unless you already have created a user login, click the button 'New User' 
4. Register your name, email and job function and create a password
5. Sign in with your email and password
6. Enjoy your free access to a handful of selected games that you can try for free. If you want the full access, you must either become part of a company subscription or register your own partner module. A guide to the latter can be found here

If you are invited to join a specific session, check out "How do I join a session" in the FAQ. 

How can I join a session?

You get to a session Either through a link or with a unique Session ID.

If you are going to join a session with a Session ID, all you need to do is:


Guest user:

1. Go to actee.com and click 'login' in the upper right corner of your screen.
2. Enter a guest name tag and enter the session ID just below. If you are using a direct link, the name of the session will appear just below your name automatically.


Registered user:

1. Login (if you haven't received a login-link, find the login-button on actee.com top right corner)
2. Click 'New User' and register your name, email, job function, and create a password
2. Sign in with your email and password
3. Click the button 'Join Session'
4. Type the Session ID you have received from the facilitator/session creator and you are in.


PDF guides for the session ID login process are available in the links below:
Visual Step Guide UK
UK Schema Guide or DK Schema Guide

Can I try a free demo?

Actually, the barriers are low to get started with trying out our games. You just need to register to get free access to a handful of games we have picked out for you to try.

All you need to do is to register with your name, email-address and your job function. Then you are ready to try a selection of our learning games. 

If you are working as a consultant you can play any game as a demo version. You chose this in the beginning of building a session from your admin module. NOTE there will be a sign saying the subscription is not for commercial use. We monitor demo´s made from the Admin module and will be in contact to see if we can help you in your work with partners. 


Read more here:

"How do I get started"




We have a wide range of digital facilitation tools and games that will transform your workshop from a dull webinar to a session with flair!

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Virtual Lab

Online facilitation is the new black, and our virtual lab has everything you need! From A to Z we have your gear and road map ready to roll.

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Gain insights about our platform and technology. Become the super-user you know you can be, then provide impeccable online facilitation and let the world know!

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We develop a platform to play, build and host serious games.

You can combine a range of tools to design engaging learning processes to fit your needs, ambitions and objectives.

A more educated world is a better world for us all - so join the mission, build a game and help us change the world!

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As a partner firm or consultant working with Actee you can be connected to any company subscription and provide service on the client subscription.

If you just want to use a game in a workshop you only need your Free subscription and go with the “try out” solution.

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