Operational Understanding

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At the master’s degree in Communication at Aalborg University the students are taught how to handle corporate communication and communication change. The aim is that they are able to apply their theories from communication to solve concrete problems for concrete organizations, and for this ActeeChange is a fantastic tool. In ActeeChange theory introductions, processes of reflection and discussion objects are gathered in one package, ready to be unfolded in the classroom and to discuss Change Management across.

Operational Understanding

ActeeChange provides the students with an operational understanding, they get practical experience and thereby an insight into, which consequences their actions can have. It works significantly better than traditional teaching where the teacher writes theoretical concepts on the blackboard, and where the teaching process relies on whether they can remember it. At Aalborg University we will rather teach the students to solve problems. ActeeChange gives them the opportunity to solve a simulated problem, which is almost as good as if it was a real problem.


Digital & Analogue Materials

ActeeChange activates the students to a large degree since they can draw on their own experiences in the game. It makes the teaching more dynamic, discussing and experimenting. It is an advantage that the game consists of both digital and analogue materials. I like the fact that the teaching processes take place via the physical elements, while the game administration takes place via the computer. It eases my work significantly and leads the discussions in the right direction.


Improvements Get Implemented

The cooperation with Actee works fantastically. They have technical support, which solves my problems right away if there is anything I cannot figure out. They are responsive to my experiences and ideas, and I can see that the game several times has developed according to my suggestions.


Thomas Duus Henriksen
(M. Sc. in Psychology, PhD, EBA.)
Associate professor in learning games to organization development 
Institute of Communication at Aalborg University, Copenhagen


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